"Return Top Card to Hand" - Global Key Command for a Deck

I’ve got a Deck (Discard Pile), and I’m trying to add a Deck Global Key Command to return the top card to the player’s hand.

I’ve successfully got the menu item appearing in the Right Click menu, but I’m trying to figure out what command to issue (or rather where the command I issue should be listened for).

I’ve got…
Name: Return top card to hand
Global Command: ???
Matching Properties: DeckName==Discard
Affects: Fixed Number of Pieces (1)

I ultimately want to activate a “Send to Location” in the card prototypes (which would then send it to the player’s hand), but I’m having a difficult time figuring out what the intermediate step is.

I tried filling in the Global Command with “Draw” which is the “Keyboard Command” listed in the card prototypes, thinking the deck command would issue that to its top card, but so far no joy. Am I missing an intermediate step where I need something at the Map level or all the way out at the module level?

Thanks for any help! I searched through various older listings on these forums, but most of the things that came close to dealing with global key commands and decks tended to end with “here just email me your module and I will fix it” and so didn’t leave a trail of explanation of how the problems were fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions!

I’m gonna self-answer this with the fact that what I described below worked perfectly once I quit ALL the way out of VASSAL and reloaded everything from scratch. Hahahahahahahaha!