Revealing at the end

I am working on a new version of Tigris and Euphrates. (I have contacted the previous developers. One email bounced but the other has graciously responded.)

One issue I can foresee is that the hands are supposed to be private but need to be revealed at the end of the game for the scores.

That’s not strictly required. Only really the counts of the scoring cubes need to be revealed. So I believe I can see how those can be counted but some advice would be appreciated. I guess I am just going to have to leave the hands viewable for my first version.

At the end of the game you could send a Global Key Command that told all the pieces in the hands to move to the main board and reveal themselves. (Or more simply you could just tell the players to drag them there themselves).

I have solved this. My solution is to maintain variables for all the scores. These are updated using triggers and they are displayed inside the window. This way the player can see the scores at glance. They can also view the stack of cubes to verify the scores if they prefer that and arrange them as they want. If a player needs to give another player points they can use menu options on the units (keyed to Ctrl commands) to do that. Finally comes the actual solution part - the play can press a button inside their window to publish their scores.