RFE: Arbitrary group arbitrary pivots

A way to multi-select an arbitrary group of units by dragging a rectangle around them (we do this now) and when the rotate/pivot (by fixed or arbitrary amount - we do not have arbitrary pivots at all yet do we?) is applied to that group have the option to be applied to each unit individually or as a group maintaining the group’s relative position (in the case of a pivot how would one define the pivot point for the entire group then - it might typically be the front left or front right corner of the group but not sure if that is always the case?). I think we already have group-selected movement without facing change down pat.

Note - for a group pivot as I conceive it you can not just use the center of a unit and rotate as suggested in RFE #2813699, does not work for lots of miniatures games.

This was already put in as #1900692 but maybe not described as well to someone coding it who does not play miniatures?

check out the LCW user manual for how this might look to a user to see the kind of thing I am talking about…

siegetower.com/littlecyberwa … Manual.pdf