Richthofen's War modified by adding Iniative and Ace movemnt

Looking for players to help in recreating Voss vs 56th.

Game system is modified by rolling initiative at the start of the turn low man having to move first.

Pilots can fire once per turn but can fire at the end of any movement of an aircraft.

Ace bonus gives initiative DR mod and uses mp equal to the bonus as a reserve movement to happen after regular movement.

Voss has a +6 the best the 56th have are 2 +4s.

And combat die roll is modified by 1/2 the targets remaining mp rounded up and the mp used in your last turn. Each hex moved straight after the turn reduces that modification by 1. So if an SE5a turns 3 hexsides and moves 2 hexes straight, his DR mod is -3(5-2=3)

The DR is also modified by -1 for a side attack.

The scenario has DR1, DV, PIII vs up to 11 SE5a’s that include 2 60th squadron who start on map vs the Germans DR1 (Voss) and a DV.

PM me if interested so far there are 3 interested with another 3 possible.

Pilots Kills Bonus

Voss DR1 48 +6

Menckhoff DV 11 +2

Unknown PIII ?? +0


Hammersley 2 +0

Robert L. Chdlaw-Roberts 5 +1


McCudden 13 +3

Rhys-Davids 18 +4

Muspratt 6 +1

Cronyn 0 +0

High Cover

Jeffs 4 +1

Young 0 +0


Bowman 16 +3

Maybery 13 +3

Hodge Hit PIII first 22 +4

Have any of you ever played Aces High?

WW1, similar scale as Richtofen’s war, but Simultaneous movement… with a twist – more experienced pilots don’t have to pre-plot their full movement (this eliminated the need for a magic “tailing” rule)