Right click on Marker Palette - any way to undisable?

USE CASE: My game (Paths of Glory 9.4) provides event markers on a Marker Palette ([attachment=0]markers.jpg[/attachment]). This allows it to support both “vanilla Vassal play” (where playing the event cards places the markers on the turn track) and the ACTS server popular with many PoG players. In the latter case, the player needs to place the event markers directly onto the map or turn track – the marker piece contains all the information to automatically update War Status, Victory Points, etc.

This all works “fine”, but it would be much more convenient for the player if, rather than dragging the event marker (which then involves preferably getting it to the right part of the mapboard, and that part of the mapboard may not presently be in view), it was possible to simply right+click the marker, and it would have a command to e.g. “Play to Current Turn”.

The problem here is that while some commands (for example, “Flip”) seem to work fine when a virtual piece is on the Marker Palette, many of them are auto-disabled, including “Place Marker” and “Global Key Command” items, the two strategies I have thought of that would (in ordinary circumstances) place a copy of a marker in a location.

Does anyone know a strategy to give markers on a palette a “deployment” command like this?

Not from a palette, but then I wouldn’t use a palette for this.

I guess you’re proposing I line the one-off events up on the reinforcement card, or something similar? Interesting. Loses the ability to be docked next to the chat window, of course, but I guess being able to right-click-deploy would be an upside.

I think right-click-deploy is more useful to a player. I’m not a docking fan, so even if it worked, I’d undock the palette anyways.