Right Click

Is there a way to add the clone and delete functions to a sub-menu? I can’t seem to do it. I also wanted to know if there is a way to add right click commands to a card game that sends the card to the owning players draw or discard deck.

Just add the Clone and Delete traits to the card and they should appear if you right-click the card.

This can be done with the Return to Deck trait. Add the trait twice, give each their own command key and destination.

I’m sorry if my first question wasn’t clear. I meant I would like the clone and delete feature to be in a sub-menu on the right click feature. I don’t want them available on the first right click.

Ahhhh. Add the Sub-Menu trait, give it a name (like Options), and then add the names of the traits you wish to include to the Sub-Menu list. This will force those traits to be removed from a general right-click menu and move them to the Sub-Menu. Make sure the Sub-Menu trait is below the traits you wish to add.