Risk: Legacy

Hi. I am completely new to this site. I am a newb and noob for Vassal. I don’t know how to even make my own modules. I hope to learn. As we speak I am installing Global Axis and Allies 1940. I own that board game in the real life, but it is so time consuming to play it/set it up/ect. That is how I stumbled across this site. I am very thankful for this opportunity to know of Vassal’s existence.

That being said. I also own a new game that came out in the market within a year or some ago called Risk: Legacy. It is a very unique and special version of risk in which the game completely changes as you play it, and it is never the same. It truly is a great experience to play with the same people over a span of ten to twenty games.

If anyone could make a module for this version of risk, that would be really darn awesome. Please please please. Thank you :slight_smile: