Room Password?

First off I’m new to vassal so excuse this if I’m making an idiot mistake.

I set up a room to game in but when I locked the room I couldn’t see how to set the room password for the other players.

This is in the user guide as being able to do. Is this no longer a feature or am I missing something.

sys. info.

mac osx 10.5.8
java 1.5.0_26
vassal 3.1.15

If it helps any this is all I see when I set up a room. I see nowhere to enter a password and it doesn’t show up in any of the menus.

So can anyone help with this?

What am I doing wrong?

I do not think there is a password, you lock the room after the person has sync’d with the game and you are ready to play.

The user guide says this.

"3. Enter a password for the locked room. To enter the room, players will need to submit this password.
You may wish to distribute this password by private message, instant messenger, or email.
You can assign a new password to a locked room by unlocking and then relocking the room. "

I’m guessing it must have been taken out at some point and time and the guide was never changed.

I thought possibly it was a gui glitch in which the entry boxes for this were not showing up or were appearing under the frame below it. I’ve seen this happen before so I thought that may be the case.

But if nobody else has it then it’s probably been removed from the current version.

Thanks for confirming that it wasn’t just me.

When I wrote that part of the user guide, I distinctly remember being prompted for a password. But I don’t see it now, either. Was this changed?

so now its impossible to lock room with password? will be? its a bug or intention?

Thus spake L4zyB0y:

so now its impossible to lock room with password? will be? its a bug or

I think it was a mistake—I don’t recall that we ever supported locking
rooms this way.