Rotate 60 and Rotate 30 both active

I’m working on a module where the pieces have “facing”, but want to enable either hex-side or vertex facing at the user’s option. (or both) Since most of the time it will be one or the other, I want the normal rotate to be 6 positions, 60 degrees, with an alternate trait using a different hotkey for 12 positions, 30 degrees. Seems to work perfectly, I can mix & match rotations with no problems for the pieces.


If I add a place marker trait, match rotation, and the marker supports the same two rotation commands (including hotkey) - the marker only recognizes the 6 position trait. If I rotate clockwise 30 degrees three times, the marker is placed in the upright (un-rotated) position. Placing the marker when there is only one rotation trait (30 or 60 degrees) works correctly. Have tried all trait orderings I can imagine without success.

Am I pushing the envelope here? Or is this possibly a bug? Since I really like having both rotations available, I am considering making all the “place markers” circles with transparent background, when they will fit the underlying pieces regardless of rotation and I can skip matching the rotation.