Rotated piece in an At-Start stack

I remember reading something someone said about setting a map window to automatically rotate any piece dropped into it (it reference to a points-up hex grid, I think), but that’s not what I need. I have a piece that rotates like a dial to indicate a value, and it needs to start the game rotated one notch away from the “right side up” image. Is there a way to have a “new game script” that runs to do such things?

Thanks in advance!


You can rotate the piece in the Game Piece Palette while editing and save. Then it will appear in its rotated state in the palette when players load the game. However, this doesn’t work if the Rotate trait is in a Prototype.


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Thanks for the tip! I’ll see if I can find a way to apply that.


I wound up using a pre-defined setup instead. I just started a game, rotated all the bits the way they needed to be, placed starting cash on each player display, etc., then saved the game and used it for a Pre-defined Setup. I think that’ll work for me. Still, thanks for the idea; it might come in handy for me soon!