Rotating Action Button

For now, a action button does not rotate along with the counter when it changes facing.

It is therefore requested to add this feature to the system in the future.

In the meantime I solved this problem by myself, simply placing on the counter six symmetrical action buttons, one for each possible facing.

Vassal is a great system and if you have a bit of imagination you can obtain virtually everything.

Hoping to see version 4.0 soon, yours, truly,

Panther 2010.


Has there been any progress on this in Vassal engine development? It would be very useful to have the action button hot spots rotate when a counter changes facing as opposed to making symmetric sets of buttons on a counter. Thanks.

I will second that. As it is now, having action buttons on rotating counters is an impossible proposition for any realistic purpose.

I noticed that the Action Button trait only accepts static values for all params (x/y offset, width, height).

Perhaps some developer could do both of us a quick favour by simply fixing the trait to allow the use of Dynamic, Global or even Calculated Properties for each of those params.

Then one could exploit that by designing ad hoc Calculated Properties to move around the action button as needed to match the current counter facing.