Rotating area of effect?

Hi guys!

In my module, the players place buildings on a hex grid. The buildings conform to the hex grid and they are irregular multi-hex shapes. They cannot be placed less than 3 hexes apart (meaning they need at least 3 hexes between them). I’m trying to set up an area of effect that the players can turn on to help guide them. I noticed that it goes center-to-center and not edge-to-edge, but that actually helps.

Anyway, I got my border working nicely, but you can also rotate the buildings… I set the pieces to Can Rotate, and I noticed that the border only shows when the piece is in its original facing. I managed to get it to stay on when the piece rotates (forgot how, offhand), but the area of effect doesn’t rotate with the piece. I need the area of effect to rotate with the piece to match the new silhouette. I also set the pieces non-rectangular, and I’ve got the non-retangular border to rotate with the piece.

Any help would be appreciated. This isn’t crucial, but it would be a nice detail to have.



I can’t seem to find the command to edit, so I’ll reply…

I’ve also discovered that area of effect counts out from the center of the piece and does not take the size or shape of the piece into consideration. So this is actually no good for me, since I need the area of effect to actually match the shape of the piece. I think this issue is also tied into why it doesn’t rotate with the piece as well, so I’m still interested in the answer here, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do this anyway… unless someone can also help me figure out how to make it match the shape of the piece.



One more reply… while I’m still interested to see if there’s a way to do this with area of effect, I realized I can do this perfectly well with a layer. I can make a transparent border graphic and just have the layer turned on and off with a command. So, solution achieved. :slight_smile:

You could consider making your own graphic, since it sounds like a non-standard shape. Take one of your piece graphics, buffer it in an image editor, make it translucent and the desired color, then create a PNG of it. Then it could become just another Layer trait that you activate/deactivate as needed.

EDIT: Hah!