Rotation of a stack


Can someone give me a tip on a how to handle the following problem:
I have a large piece (1 x 3 hexes) which can contain (ie “be stacked with up to”) 4 smaller pieces.
The problem is that I have no choice of where the smaller pieces should stack: they stack at the “bottom-middle” of the larger piece (ie N05).

The problem becomes visible when I rotate the stack (see hardcopy below). The stacked pieces aren’t visibly stacked anymore.

Is there a way to stack pieces in the middle-middle of the largest piece (ie N04)? So they stay stacked when I rotate the stack.


From what I would guess is that your large piece is not psrt of the stack at all.
Have you tried placing your smaller ones on the center of the larger one? because to me it looks like your large piece is in N04 and the stack of the small pieces in N05, so they would be two different stacks… just a guess…

Looks like two different stacks to me too. If you want to rotate pieces in different hexes around a common rotation point, you’ll need the "Connect game pieces’ functionality that ghoust is developing but isn’t yet part of the core engine.


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Believe me, all the pieces actually are part of the same stack.
When you have such a rectangular huge piece, no matter where you drag and drop the other stacking pieces (center, top), they are automatically shown at the bottom middle of the larger piece (N05) instead of the middle center (N04).
In my example, all pieces are located in N04 (even thow the smaller pieces are shown in N05). If you set a “Report Action” property which displays the $location$ of the pieces you’ll have confirmation that they are all in N04.
You can try it yourself if you download my module here (currently under development)
I guess I have to find another way of dealing with stacks.

I can’t download your mod, connection problems all the time (while downloading WOW pathc at the same time without any problems)… could you check?

If the images you use for your pieces have big transparent sections, you might get effects like this. VASSAL will try to keep the center of the piece in the same spot when you rotate it, but the image center might not be the visual center. You can correct for this by using a Non-Rectangular Shape trait.


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