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I’m interested in using the RPG Tactical module to run a role-playing game for some of my old friends, but I’m having a bit of trouble. I can figure out how to hide and reveal individual characters, NPCs, and adversaries…but I can’t figure out how to reveal previously hidden rooms, corridors, and other terrain features once the players can see them.

I’ve created part of a dungeon as the Dungeon Master, but once I’ve laid down various rooms and corridors and marked them as hidden, I’m not able to see how to change that status.

I’m sure the trouble is in my understanding and not in the module itself, so I’d any help anyone can offer!



To manipulate a terrain feature, you have to shift-click on it first.
Then you can access the context menu as usual (right click). This
behaviour is intended to prevent the DM from manipulating the background
by mistake while moving units around the board. Unfortunately you cannot
select multiple terrain/room tiles with the selection box, you have to
shift-click them one by one to build your selection and then you can use
the context menu to change them all together.

It is never granted that a module has no troubles :slight_smile:.

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An alternative is to create a private window for yourself …sort of a Dungeon Master screen …and whenever you set up a room or corridor, create a button for it in the private window. If you want to reveal a room, click the button for it.

You can also set up a single button on the board as an At-Start stack that can only be clicked by you and attach a selection menu to the button so that when you click it, you can select from a list of rooms to reveal it.


Thanks very much for your quick reply! That works perfectly. I really appreciate your work on this module, since it offers me the chance to bring an old gaming group back into play.

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That’s a very interesting idea. I’ll play around with that, too…since it offers more flexibility in certain situations. Thanks!

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