Rremoving only Red Card from Deck

Just to simplify matters, if I have a deck of cards that contain red and black cards, how can I add a global key command to remove only the red cards from the deck? I guess I have to add some kind of property to the red and black cards, but how is this done?


All your cards need:

  • A Marker trait with values that will distinguish them (in this case between Red and Black)
  • A Send to Location set to the destination of wherever removed cards are supposed to go
  • A Trigger Action trait that will listen for some keystroke and in response fire the keystroke bound to the Send to Location trait in the previous step

With those basic components in place, you can now either fire a Global Key Command from a toolbar button or any other piece to trigger red card removal. In the Property match expression of the GKC, you need to specify: DeckName = && = Red

Essentially, you want to restrict the PME as tightly as possible so you don’t catch other cards/pieces with it by mistake. If you are triggering from a piece/button on a different map, you may also have to add CurrentMap = .