Run time error with 3.5.5

Just updated Vassal to the most recent version and when I go to run it is says that it needs a “Java Runtime Environment”. The previous version I had installed ran fine. How do I fix this? I have Windows 8.

Has your anti-virus program quarantined java.exe? That’s a common cause of this problem.

I don’t think so. I uninstalled Vassal and re-installed the old 3.3.2 and it ran fine. They use the same Java?

They do not. Each one uses the Java bundled with it, on Windows.

We need to see the exact error message to be able to help further.

That was it. When I clicked on the desktop shortcut it said: “This program needs a Java runtime environment”. No other info or error code. When I clicked the OK button it took me to this forum.

I should have taken a screen shot. Sorry. But with v3.3.2 back up and running I’ll just leave it at that for now. Thanks.

We don’t recommend using 3.3 at this point. There have been hundreds of bug fixes since then. 3.5.6 is current now, as of yesterday.

Is it correct that you installed 3.5.5 using the Windows installer? Look in C:\Program Files\VASSAL-3.5.5\jre\bin. Do you see file named java.exe there?

The file I downloaded and installed was "VASSAL-3.5.5-windows-64.exe

Did not see any other files. I figured the installer would install whatever it is I needed.

The VASSAL 3.5.5 folder is currently empty because I uninstalled it prior to reverting to 3.3.2. I did notice that I have VASSAL installations in different root folders.

C:\Program Files\VASSAL 3.3.2 (has an old installation in it)
C:\Program Files\VASSAL 3.5.5 (empty folder)
C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL (current running application)

It is the third one that my shortcut points to and what I’m currently running.

Ok. In that case, there’s nothing useful to be learned by looking in the installation directory, since the files I’m asking about will no longer be there.

I suggest installing 3.5.6.

OK, I’ll give it a shot.

That did the trick. Running fine with 3.5.6. Thanks for your help.