Running out of command keys

Just wondering if there is any way or trick module designers here are willing to share to keep track of used command keys for some piece.

For example, let’s say I have a deck of cards that uses a prototype “Card”. In the prototype there is a Delete (CTRL-D), Mask (CTRL-M), Send to A (CTRL-A), Send to B (CTRL-B) etc etc.

For some of my pieces I always feel like I am running out of command keys (CTRL-, SHIFT-, CTRL-SHIFT-* all in use, using also CTRL-NUMPAD*, CTRL-INS, CTRL-HOME etc etc…). Sometimes I spend hours just figuring out what new command key I can safely use without breaking something else.

It would be nice to have some functionality in the module editor to list all command keys in use for a given piece (including those inherited from all possible prototypes associated with the piece…) so that one doesn’t have to keep writing them out on paper.

Or am I doing something seriously wrong?

Keeping track of key commands has always been quite a chore for those of us who uses an incredible amount of them. That’s why I’ve been waiting for Vassal 3.2 to come out before trying to rebuild To Be King.

I’ve been using test builds of the 3.2 engine and being able to use keywords (or key commands) has made life so much easier and editing so much faster. If you’re running into key commands issues as far as keeping track or just running out, you might try upgrading to the 3.2 engine. It is still in testing but I’ve found it to be extremely stable, at the moment.

Current version I’ve been using is 3.2svn8023 but I’ve noticed there’s an svn8054 now. Haven’t tested that one yet.

Good to know I am not the only one struggling with exhausted command key name space ;)

Think I will stick with 3.1.18 till I can get a beta version of the module out, at least. Then I definitively look forward to 3.2.0 and the named triggers novelty.