Russian Campaign, Hitlers War, Third Reich

I’m looking for games of Russian Campaign, Hitlers War, and Third Reich. The first two I can play with confidence, the last I would be referencing rules a lot, I’m only familiar with the basics of 3r.

There’s a computer engine for Hitlers War available. Semi automated with a die roller and casualties calculator, phase prompts, etc. I can send the link for a free download.

The Vassal engine is what I use otherwise. I don’t have physical copies of the games anymore. With Vassal you don’t need them it’s great!

Contact: PM me or email to “


No responses? Here goes one.

I/we are playing a big WW2 game, (Aug 2020), in which all WW2 games can be merged. Join us!

Manual attached.

Still looking for a TRC opponent ?

I’m looking for TRC opponent. PBEM only, I’m a 24/7 carer so online is not an option.