Russian front opponents or even TKrieg

I am based in Uk
anybody fancy a game of Russian Front or TKrieg?

Am good for TK , which scenario and side do you have preference?
Any of the optionals as well?

I suppose 1939? Or “The turning point”
prefer allies
optional rules? luck allows +1 or reroll, 15.4.1-15.4.3, 15.6, 15.7.1-15.7.2, 15.8 -15.10
bit rusty with the rules so please be kind if i get things wrong
I am at GMT about 5 hours ahead of you

I am ok with optional rules listed, 39 and axis, using most recent living rules set. I can respond today if you do your allies set-up, but will be away till 25th on holiday. So if you want go over rules and send set-up .

Did this game ever get going?

yes we are playing , are you interested in TK?

Yes, I would eventually like to play some TK again. Are you playing the original or TK 2? It has been a while for me, I have been playing Struggle for Europe and Empires of Apocalypse recently. I have always felt that TK, as a game, stands well above these. I just like the operational feel of theses other two. I was actually looking for a game of Russian Front first. This is among a number of games that are very difficult to pbem. I normally play it on ADC2 but vassal would allow sessions of live play. Maybe an hour or two a week. Russian Front happens to be the game upon which EoA was modeled. So anyway, looking more for Russian Front right now.