SAV files only let me chose observer or Player2

In some maps I’ve created for the module CCAncients I stumbled on this problem.
When I load the SAV file I’m prompted to chose from “Player 2” or “observer” (no Player 1 available).
If I chose Player 2 and then “Retire” it says “exit from Player 2 faction?” and clicking on YES I see P1 and P2 grayed (this is OK).
If I click “Retire” again it says “exit from NULL faction?” with available buttons: “observer”, “change faction”, “cancel”.
But clicking “change faction” only let me choose btween Observer or P2?

Where is P1 gone?
Please help.

P.S. I previously posted this message also in “General Discussion”… please remove that one and keep this one (more detailed)

This happens because when you created the save games, you had already selected Player 1 and so now Player 1 is connected to the password you had set when you created the log files.

You must have changed your password since then.

When creating save games to use as setups on modules that have Sides defined, you MUST retire and become observer BEFORE you save the game.

you have two choices:

  1. Set your password back to what it was when you created the setups. Opening them, you will be Player 1 and can retire and resave them.

  2. Recreate the setups.


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how if I can’t remember my old password?
maybe it was the default one? which is the default user and password after installation?
thank you in advance.

Try “'s password” where is either your login or your real name as registered with your operating system. You might also try a blank password (empty string).


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