save game updater question

Hi, during playing my new module I’ve found a bug in it and prepared a fix for it. But now I would like to update my saves to continue game without starting all over again. It appeared that there is special tool for it as a thread topic implies. So far so good, but I spent last hours to make it work, but without any successes. Theoretically I do everything by the book (at least I think so): the previous version of module in edit mode.
2. open save game updater
3. choose my save game
4. export game piece info
5. open current version of module in edit mode
6. open save game updater
7. import game piece info
8. choose save game
9 update save game
some warning are displayed but precess ends. Main difference between module versions is that some decks on board were removed, but when I open new save game there are no any differences in behaviour. Space where the decks were defined still works as deck with cards stacking and so on. Am I doing something wrong or are there any other way to achieve my goal?

The saved game updater is designed to update the units/counters in a saved game, it has no support for applying structural changes to a module from one saved game to another. Adding, removing or moving Decks is a structural module change and so the saved game updater has no effect on these.