Save/Load Deck Report

Is it possible to generate a report when a player saves/loads a deck?

Bump? I have thick skin; if that’s clinchpoop of a question you can say so.

I have added RFE [2818259] Cannot report Save/Load Deck commands.

'Decks can be Saved to/Loaded from a file, but there is no way to set the
name of the command, hotkey to report format as for other Deck commands. ’

We have a new developer is is playing around with Decks, I’ll see if he would like to look into this one for 3.2.


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This would be very useful for my latest and possibly future mods (of Trading Cards Games).

What i do now is hide the deck’s Save/Load location of both players in private windows then add the “send deck to another deck” command (to board) so that a report be made.
The reason this report is essential is because loading a deck will overwrite the deck previously loaded & still occupying the Save/Load location. This make cheating possible.

Also, at the start of the game, players must load their side deck. A player must be able to swap cards between his main and side deck without his opponent knowing what is inside it. Having no way to tell if this side deck was loaded before the first game ended or not means again a possible way of cheating.
A report on clicking “Draw specific cards” would also be needed to make sure the opponent won’t look at what is inside your deck without you knowing (these decks must remain on the board, because there are deck’s cards counter linked to them). Unless there’s an easy way to hide that command when a deck is not yours that i’m not seeing.

edit I’ve just read soft-bug way to deal with the last issue (a couple threads back). Interesting, i might do that thought a simple notice on “draw specific cards” would save from adding yet another window.