Saved Games and Updated Modules


I am currently in the process of building a game. I recently had a thought/worry and do not want to spend more time building the game if it is not possible. My idea for the game is to be continuously updating it with new cards/creatures/pieces, etc. Certain pieces or cards will be altered during game-play via text labels or layers. These alterations will persist through future plays of the game. The end of “Round 1” will basically be the starting state of “Round 2”, and Round 2 may have added pieces, cards, and so on. None of the original components will be altered in any way, it will simply build on itself with each play through.

Will there be any trouble loading a save game into a new module as long as it is simply adding components?

I have read some old posts about a save game updater or something. I feel like this won’t be a problem, but it will take some work to get to a point where I can test this myself.

It is best to redo saved games once you finish updating the module / adding new content to it. Save game updater I would not rely on.