Saving And Restarting A LogFile

Is it possible to save and restart a logfile at a later date? If so , how is it done?

Not in a way that produces a single-file-that-will-play-continuously-through-the-whole-game.

But if you’re just wanting to “stop for now” and come back and play more later, and still have a record of the whole game (split up over multiple logfiles), then you can do that – just “End Logfile” (that saves the current one). And then later when you come back and load it in, “play it to the end” (step forward until it is finished), and then when it prompts you to begin new logfile, say yes and give it a modified name to be the “second installment” of your game. Play on that logfile till you’re ready to stop, end logging again, and repeat. At the end, you can play through the logfiles sequentially to see the whole game, by using “load continuation” when you reach the end of each logfile.

Yes, you can “resume” a truncated logfile and finish it resulting in just a single file. It’s a fairly janky method, but it works.

  1. Have your partial .vlog at the ready.
  2. Load up the saved game or logfile representing the starting point from which your partial logfile got recorded–i.e. if it’s a saved game, nothing more to do in this step, but if it’s a logfile, it must be played back to conclusion.
  3. File → Begin logfile (you’ll get prompted to choose where your final output will go)
  4. File → Load Continuation
  5. Load the partial logfile here, play it back to conclusion
  6. Make all the rest of your moves
  7. File → End logfile

Now you have a single logfile that combines the initial partial set of moves and all the remaining moves.

Wowsers! When I feel like I’m finally “well and truly finished” with the Paths of Glory module for a while, I was thinking of building some Vassal replay files for some of the big tournament games. This would come it really handy (since typing one in all the way from the beginning takes significant time and I’d want to do it in stages).

Thanks guys!