Saving Property Sheet Values As Default?

Is there a way to save the values of counters under the property sheet instead of having to fillout the values each game?
I’ve tried a pre-defined setup, but this only works for counters on the board and not still in palette.
For example:
Property Sheet, Ticks Marks with Value and Max, 16/4, i want that 16 to appear in the box without having to input it each time.
I’d like to do this for ALL counters.
I know it doesn’t take long to do it manually but anything to speed up gaming.
Thanks for your help.

you can have predefined values for a property sheet. open the editor and go to the piece in question. dclick to go to the window where you edit the traits. there is a preview pane where you can interact with the piece as if its on the map. all settings you do in this preview pane will be default settings for each of these pieces you create from the palette during a game.

there was an issue with property sheets that come from prototypes not saving these setting. this is by design and might get addressed in a later version. so be sure to have the trait on an actual piece not on a prototype

Thank you Dab :slight_smile: