Scanning Game Board

After scanning a large boardgame, how do you stitch the scans together to form 1 image inorder to install it on vassal?

You would need to use a graphics program that supports layers. Then just add the pieces as separate layers, position them together and same the final image. If you don’t have a graphics program that will do that, I can put it together for you.

I have GIMP 2 but have not figured out how to layer the images together yet. I will take another look soon.


I just used Gimp 2 to put together 8 scans that made up a 24 x 32 inch wargame map. Did not use layers at all. Simply made a new image that was big enough to hold the eight pieces, then copied and pasted them. The program lets you adjust the placement during the ‘paste’ operation. the scans had enough over lap and the job took 10 minutes.