Scrollable List appears in collapsed fashion

In the Game Piece Palette, I have a Tabbed Panel for units.
The Tabbed Panel has a set of Scrollable Lists each of which has a set of three Scrollable lists in it.
I expected they would appear as in this image:

However, by default they come up like this with some of the Scrollable lists collapsed:

The player needs to expand the lists by hand to see them (as in the first image above).
Is there any way to change how the Scrollable lists come up?

Thanks for any help.
-Mark R.


I also have this problem, how (if) can it be solved?

Has this issue ever been addressed?
I still have the problem.
(I note my images from two years ago have disappeared :slight_smile: ).

-Mark R.

Can you redo some images Mark and I will have a look at it.

Will do… give me a few.
Thanks Brent.
-Mark R.

This is what I’d like the Tab Panel with Scrollable Lists to come up like:

This is what actually happens:

And, I haven’t found any property to set the scrollableList window widths - they should at least default to a width > zero; perhaps the longest list entry or something like that if a width-property can’t be given to the module developer.

The problem is that a player doesn’t even know the scrollable lists are there if someone doesn’t tell them by word of mouth.

Again, thanks for looking into this Brent - appreciate it alot.

-Mark R.

For what it’s worth, I’ve discovered that if you set the scrollable lists and save them as part of a pre-defined setup, then their with is remembered in that pre-defined setup. This is a somewhat useful way of overcoming the above issue.

-Mark R.

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