SCS Iron Curtain module counter issue

I’m using the SCS-Iron-Curtain-1-01.vmod module. In the 1962 scenario the front counter side of the Soviet 3rd Guards Tank division is invisible. Those tricky Soviets! The counter shows up in the turn 3 reinforcements, in the Belorussian MD Group.

In the module the image IC-2-F_3 is blank, maybe the source of the problem.

Have you reported the problem to the module’s maintainer? (His email address is on the module’s page.)

Thanks but no, I haven’t reported it to the maintainer. I see his name but not his email on the Iron Curtain module page. That’s why I posted here.

You need to be logged in to the wiki to see email addresses.

Aha! Thanks for letting me know that. I’ve just sent an email to the maintainer reporting the issue.

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