SCS opponent wanted

I have almost all the SCS games. Anyone interested in playing?


Hello Jim.

My Name is Daniel and I would be glad to play a game of SCS.
I own most of them as well, but havn’t played much.
(that collector thingy again…;)).

I wouldl ike to start with a small and easy one like Guadalajara or Crusader or even a scenario.

I would generally prefer live play and am usually available weekdays between 4p.m. and 11 p.m. in the GMT+1 time zone.
But i would also give pbem a try.

I not that experienced with Vassal, and am wondering if voice communication might be a good addition. (Skype or something).

Looking foreward to your reply and greetings from Germany,

I’m on the west coast of the US, so GMT -7. That might make live play difficult. I am usually at work when you are available.

Also, I generally prefer pbem because it’s hard for me to find a lot of time.

All that said, I could play tomorrow morning, because it happens that I don’t have work tomorrow. If you want to try to get that going, PM me with your skype info and I’ll try you at 9AM my time tomorrow.

Here are the SCS games I’m interested in playing:

  • Crusader
  • Gazala
  • Yom Kpuur
  • Bastogne
  • Stalingrad Pocket
  • Guadalajara

Your pick of the above.


Hey Jim

Sadly Tuesday is the only weekday on wich I am unavailable.
(work schedule).
But thanks for the offer…:slight_smile:

We can try out a PBEM game of Crusader if you like (You can choose sides).

But I have to mention:
I do not really have experience with PBEM and am not sure if I can kep up a steady interest.
You know, I am more of a game player than a student of military hisotry.
And what motivates me to play a challanging game is also the human factor of having a live opponent.

You have to know if you would like to try a game under the above condittions.
If not, I would not at all be offended but could understand well!


Thus spake “daxelos”:

A note from personal experience: I find that the level of play in PBEM games
is often higher than in live games, just becase you have more time to mull
over your moves in a PBEM game. So if you’re in it for the challenge, PBEM
is good for that.


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@uckelman: sure you’re right, thanks for the advice…:slight_smile:

I rather ment that it might be a challenge for me me to offer a challenging game (non-FTF) or maybe that it might be a challenge for me to live up to the challenge, without having a live opponent.

I am not sure how to formulate this as I am not a native speaker.

But I would give it an earnest effort, and would be looking foreward to it.
I just thought it prudent to mention the above, considering my limited experience

@jim: how about you? still with me?..;)
Speaking straightforwardly i mean: let’s just give it a try…:slight_smile:


What’s SCS?

MMP/Gamers Standard Combat Series


I moved recently and I must not have unpacked all my games. I can’t find Crusader. I’ll look around for it this weekend. I’ll be happy to play it if I can find it. I don’t like to play games on Vassal without the map and manual in front of me.

I did find Operation Michael and Rock of the Marne, so here is the updated list of games I’m ready to play:

  • Yom Kippur
  • Bastogne
  • Stalingrad Pocket
  • Guadalajara
  • Operation Michael
  • Gazala
  • Rock of the Marne

I also have Afrika II but am less interested in playing it because I’ve already played it a ton.

If you want to start a game, just PM me with your email address.


PM is on its way.


I started a game with Daniel and am open to a second SCS game if anyone is interested.


Hello folks my name is Dean. I live in the west coast ( SoCal) and would be interested in playing a game live of Bastogne. I am relatively new to Vassal and have only played the Commands and Colors ancients module with folks live. I have played the first scenario of Bastogne once (solo), and the second scenario three times(solo). If you are new to Vassal or the SCS system I do not mind. My schedule is pretty open since I am unemployed now and looking for a job.

I’m also looking for a PBEM opponet for SCS games …

They are the best games out there … I’ve got:

-Afrika II (unpunched)
-Bastogne (unpunched)
-Rock of the Marne (unpunched)
-Stalingrad Pocket II
-Yom Kippur

Would be happy to play either side of any game …

Let me know. Thanks, Terry

Hi guys,

I would like to play a PBEM game of Afrika 2, the only SCS game I own by now. Wouldn´t mind playing your choice of scenario but would prefer “Race to the wire”.

I´ve used Vassal a lot for soloing, but have no experience whatsoever at PBEM or live games. Regarding Afrika 2, I´ve played a couple of games and like it a lot.

Please be advised I can not guarantee to keep a fast playing pace (I’ll do my best however). Let me know if you are interested