SCS PBEM Game wanted

Hey there.

I am looking of a friendly game of either

  • Crusader
  • The Mighty Endeavor
  • Guadalajara

The order would be the order of preference.
I am a 90% noob at the games, but have a firm grasp of the SCS rules and Vassal.
I am fine with either side and any scenario.
Maybe someone else wants to explore these games?


Hello Daniel
still looking for an opponent for the three games SCS you listed?
I played many SCS but non of these yet, although I have them all (as many many other unplayed games in my shelf :smiley: .
From these three The Mighty Endeavor and Guadalajara are the ones I would like to try most, slight preference for ME.
Let me know if you are still looking for a gaming partner

Uwe, thank you for your kind proposal and hallo und guten Tag to a fellow German…:slight_smile:
I think it is more more polite if I stick to English.

Unfortunately my table is full at the moment, timewise, otherwise I would have been glad to start another game!

But in case you are not aware, I might offer a few links that might help you.
Apart from this forum, which is of course a great place on its own! … tem2053748
This is the monthly Geeklist at BoarGameGeek of fellow wargamers looking for opponents. I found a game ogf TME by posting there and having some patience. As it is the start of the month I am sure the list will be active with many interesting game proposals.
These are the Facebook groups of Vassal Wargames looking for a game (Americas and Europe).
I found a another game of TME there very quickly by posting my request, and the groups are great way to meet other wargamers anyway.

Between this posibilities a am sure you will find someone else to game with very quickly.

Good luck with it and have fun…:slight_smile:


Hello Fellow German Gamer :slight_smile:
thanks a lot, in the meantime I found a very motivated spanish partner for the OCS series :slight_smile:
take care, have fun and maybe next time

Same to you and you are very welcome…:slight_smile: