Anybody out there to play (PBEM only, sorry…) Bastogne, Ardennes, Guadalajara, Stalingrad Poket 2? I can try also Drive on Paris (never played before but seems nice).

What is SCS?

SCS is for Standard Combat Series from The Gamers/MMP. Sorry for the acronym, it can be confusing.

O, ok…Standard Combat Series rules (and game rules) looks like a perfect system for PBEM; unlike a game such as Advanced Squad Leader; too many player interactions to PBEM.
I’ll PM ya! :smiley:

I’d be interested in any of the SCS games if you’re still looking for a PBEM opponent. I’m familiar with the OCS games by MMP, but I’ve heard their SCS games are fun to play, too. Let me know.

sorry for the late reply. Yes of course. E_mail me at

Hello, have you found a partner to play wargames of “SCS” séries ?
If not, I’m interested in all wargames series “SCS” except “Bastogne”.
I played all at least once.
PS: I’m French.
Best regard