Second row of buttons

I would like the possability of seperating the buttons in 2 or more rows.
What I specifically would like to add is a row of buttons that give the most used commands, both as a report and as a sound.

For instance, a button that says “My turn is done”. Giving my opponent both a visual and an audio trigger. Instead of having to manually write in the log that he’s done.
Another button I’d like to add is “Thinking”. Lets the opponent know that inactivity is not that I have left the table. and so on.

I would like to group these buttons away from the game controlling buttons.


Although the second row of buttons is not currently possible, you could add both of these buttons to a current mod.

You can currently add an End Turn button to the standard toolbar. Just use an Action button to return a message ("$PlayerName$'s turn is done.") and a sound.

An Action button could be a “Thinking” button as well–just change the message–although this would have to be clicked manually by the player.