secret random results

I have a question for the brain trust.
I am making a module where players explore a hex. The result is secret and permanent. I would like to leave a masked counter on the map belonging to the original discover. The owning player will show it to any other player who explores that hex.
Prospecting Tables
Die roll 1 Richness Die roll 2 Extensiveness
1 None 1 One
2 Trace 2 One
3 Poor 3 Two
4 Good 4 Two
5 Rich 5 Three
6 Pure 6 four

I would like the player to choose an option on his counter in the hex. And have vassal do the rolls and create a masked counter in that hex.
I am having trouble figuring out how to have vassal roll 2 dice and record the values on 1 counter.
Or I was thinking of making a deck to the 36 possible results. But how do I keep the deck full?
Is it possible to somehow “lock” the cards in the deck and have clones made, on the draw?

Ideas suggestions?

Thanks in advance Kevin.

It is easy to have a piece placed on the map clone itself and send itself back to the deck. Map Trigger (only if from deck) > Clone > Return to deck. Or use Place Marker instead of Clone.