Seeing terrain underneath a piece

Currently we have a module set up with pieces stacking on a map. However, there are times we want to see what’s underneath a piece without moving it (for example if it’s movable only by another player). Is there a way to set this up?

Add a game piece layer control to your game piece layer trait (right click)
This will add a toolbar button to the map window which you can configure to
turn layers on/off for visibility (i.e game pieces)

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HI Tim,

Along those same lines .I have mod where if I open New setup all the peices look fine but when I open a saved game , some of the units will be under the city peices.(I used the same method as we did in Successors).
Where the cities are seperate peices.They all have the Stack Map trait and Units are Stack Units trait.

Later, John 8)

Ive just been noticing this too.

It seems that component layer states are not being honored when a saved game
is reopened later on but usually clicking/dbl clicking the stack causes the
module to sort and correct itself thereafter.

Joel, Brent, this seems to be a type of “temporary display state” bug. SVN
build does not catch it however to report

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