Seeking opponents for GMT games and others

Hello, all,

I’m a long-time lurker, and coming back from a long period of non-activity.

I’m looking for opponents for the several games:

  • Natural Selection
  • Twilight Struggle

I’m a beginner in either, so I’m hoping to find players that are either also beginners, or advanced, and are willing to put up with a beginner’s lack of skill. Not looking for aggressive competition; it’s all about the fun for me.

I’m also interested in learning the following games:

  • Samurai
  • Asia Engulfed

These last two feel like learning to play would be a lot more fun with someone else. I understand Tom Good from BGG might be willing to teach.

I am hoping to play these games via PBeM, due to time constraints; time zones are difficult to conciliate, sometimes.



I haven’t found anyone online. New, and I want to learn the game.

Which of the games?

I would be interested in playing “Twilight Struggle”. I am unfamiliar with the others you mentioned, but am also interested in “Empire of the Sun” and “Unconditional Surrender Europe”. I have only played a small number of each of these games.

I’ve got Samurai but have never played it. I have many of the games in the Great Battles series and know the system. There’s a bit of a learning curve but worth the effort.

I’ve done most of my online gaming Skype/Live Vassal and live in England so it might be possible to live game. I’ve also played some games PBEM.


If you guys need opponent for Empire of the Sun and/or Twilight Struggle PBEM I have played both to medium levels.

I’m also interested, could you help me to start with Twiligth Struggle ?

Would love to play Twilight Struggle I’m newbie but read the rules several times.
Skype would be great so I don’t have to type to much
I’m in Belgium Europe and Saturday afternoons are best to play from 2 PM Brussels time on.
Ideal would be a teacher that can point out mistakes I make or advice to improve my skill.