Seeking PBEM Block/CDG games

Hello. I’m looking to play one or more of these games by email. Please let me know if you’re interested:

Rommel in the Desert
1805: Sea of Glory
Crusader Rex
Texas Glory

Triumph of Chaos
Halls of Montezuma

I own all of these games but have very little experience with any of them. I would also like to try the following:

Bobby Lee

Empire of the Sun


Hi Visjiii,

I’m interested to play Bobby Lee PBEM. In case, I’m also interested to play ‘Forged in Fire’.


Hi Visjiii,
I recently bought a copy of Crusader Rex and would be very interested to play it via PBEM. I have played a couple of games solitaire (not easy) and am keen to try it with another player. I can generally handle turns very promptly. I’m based in Australia, but with PBEM that hardly matters.