Seeking PBEM game of Unhappy King Charles

Hi there,
I bought a copy of this game some time ago and have not yet got it to the gaming table. I have just read up the rules and run through the extended play example and feel ready to have a pbem game of it, if anyone is willing to take on a first-timer at UKC. I am familiar with Vassal though…
I can do reasonably regular turns…
Thanks and happy gaming,

I’ve read a review that compared it to Hannibal on BGG, it looks decent. I’ve played quite a few games of Twilight Struggle (which I hear is similar to Hannibal), so theoretically I should be able to pick it up quickly. Send me the first turn and I’ll read up on the rules. BGG only has v1.0 of the rules, is there a newer version?

OK, great…thanks for your interest. I’ll get the game going as soon as I can. According to the GMT site, V1.0 is still the current version of the rules.