Select counter but highlight the hex-How?


I am working on a mod where I am looking to include the following functionality:

  1. Right clicking on a counter on a hex map will bring a a menu which includes an expamdable selection called “Select As…”. Expanding that menu shows an option called “Mark as Target hex”. Selecting this option will place a highlighted hex shaped border around the map hex on which the counter sits on.

  2. This graphic should not appear as a counter when moused over.

  3. A “Clear Hex” button in the menu will clear all of these graphics from the map.

This is simialar to Tim McCarrons Combat Commander:Europoe mod that allows the user to designate a hex as a target hex. Unfortunatley I am unable to edit that mod to view how Tim actually coded this.



Hi Bullman

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On 8/11/2008 at 11:22 PM Bullman wrote:

‘Select As…’ will be a Sub-menu containing the options to create the target counters.

‘Mark as Target hex’ will be a Place Marker trait that will create a counter with a ‘Does Not Stack’ trait. You may need to set up Game Piece Layers on that map also and have the target piece created in it’s own bottom layer

You can set up the mouse-over viewer to ignore Does Not Stack counters.

Include a marker Type=Terrain in the generated target pieces and add a Global Key Command to delete all counters with Type=Terrain.


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Thanks Brent!