Select one piece game with a keyboard

Hi friends,
It’s possible select one piece game with a keyboard? No mouse. How do it? Thanks.

Well, unless the module designer has included a global hotkey to select an individual piece, I don’t know of any way to do it. Unless you count this: … se-pointer

Thank you irishwulf, I will look the direction…

And how exactly can you do it? Is it possible to change the system properties (Selected property for example) of a piece?


I do not believe you can do so with the stock traits, but I do think a custom trait could do it. But I’m not sure I see the application. If you want to do something to the piece without having to select it with the mouse, then you can have your global hotkey just do the thing without selecting it. If you want to select the piece in order to move it with the mouse, well then you already have the mouse in your hand. Unless you wanted to select all pieces with a certain property…ahhh. It would be challenging.


My idea is to design this solitaire game with some pieces using the keyboard

I want to select and move at least the three markers, the cards, and dice with the keyboard, no mouse (the pieces on the right side of the tableboard).
Would be great… fastest and handy game… I think

Here’s the thing, moving the pieces is not hard. Selecting the pieces is, oddly. Do you need to the pieces to be selected? If not, you can move the pieces like this:

  1. Set up a map-level or module-level Global Key Command to listen for some keystroke, say, , and forward some keystroke to the pieces that need to be moved, say,
  2. Set up, on the pieces that need to be moved, a Send To Location trait that listens for the GKC keystroke () and sends the piece to wherever you want.

This is probably not sufficient for any intelligent movement of those pieces, but for any level of automation you will quickly start needing all kinds of other logical tools, e.g. Trigger Action and Dynamic Property.