Select Zoom button missing configurable tooltip text

I was looking at the sourceforge tracker and saw this bug Joel opened (ID: 2929435). I went to look for the zoom select button and found it under [Map Window]->[Zoom capability] and it appears you can already enter tooltip text for the ‘zoom select’ button. Is there some other place you can/should be able to do it?

I’m using the 3.1.13 vassal release btw.


Check with the original poster if they where using the latest version. I seem to remember fixing a pile of missing tooltip texts a while back.


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Thus spake “jimcot”:

Hmm. That’s strange. I could swear it wasn’t there in 3.1@HEAD when I
checked over the weekend, but when I go back to look now, it’s there
and nothing has changed in the repo. I must have been tired. Thanks
for spotting this.

I’ll notify the user that it’s possible to do this in 3.1.13.


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