Selecting a side gives a specific deck of cards

I am trying to build a module that has both cards and pieces. I want to have specific cards linked to specific side played. For example I choose the side “Americans” I only want the deck linked to the americans to show up. If I choose Germans I only want the deck for the germans to show up etc.

How do I get started.

PS is there any really good tutorials out there? Ive read some and messed with other mods but sometimes the tutorials are confusing and the mods arent exactly what I want.

There’s probably several ways to do this and the Vassal gurus may have better suggestions then I but here’s one way of doing that.

Create a Private Window for each player side. Then place each deck in it’s own private window. That way, only the Americans can access the American window and card deck and so on.

If you set up hotkeys to open the window, you can use the same hotkey for all private windows to avoid confusion and the use of multiple hotkeys.

Theoretically, if a player hits that hotkey, all the windows will be activated but, since each window is restricted to a player side, the only window that opens is the one that belongs to the player using the hotkey.

By doing it that way, you can have one button or one menu entry called something like “Get Card” and the appropriate window and deck will open depending on which side selected that option.

Hope that helps.

On Jun 8, 2008, at 7:07 PM, emaluzer wrote:

You might want to take a look at the “Empire of the Sun” module. It
has Japanese and American decks.

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So if I create the private window, when that player plays his card will it be visible to all players then?

I am currently downloading Empire of the sun. I will check that one out also.

This is Probably the first of many questions I am going to have so please bear with me!

You would play the cards in a public window, or the main map so that all players can see them.

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