Send an Alert popup to a specific player

Hi there,
I’d need to send a specific message as a popup for one player and one only.
As another option, I’d also like the possibility to send this to all players around the table.
In both cases, this would be a stopper, and the game will resume after players validate the popup.

So far I used this possibility in Dynamic Property : dropdown list or {Alert(“This is a Pop Up”)}.

Is there a way ?

Thank you

Unless I’m unaware of a new feature in 3.5, this isn’t possible. Alerts can only be sent to one player, the “active” player that is manipulating the piece with that Dynamic Property (or whatever trait you embed the Alert in). The best you can do is use a ? expression to send that Alert to only certain players, but it’s still limited to one player at a time and that player needs to be interacting with or triggering that Piece. It’s not possible to send an Alert to a player that is sitting idle…

Thx. That’s what I thought.
I needed first player from previous turn to do a last thing before the next turn … and as the players stop playing after the pass, it’s not obvious who the last player is.
I’ll try to make it explicit in the log.

Kerkael, for Terraforming Mars my friend and I needed to do something like this to implement the World Government Terraforming step. I ended up creating a huge transparent .png (the size of the map), and displaying it with Text Labels attached at the end of the turn. One text label is the instructions, the other 4 have action buttons which will only respond to the current first player. We haven’t released this version of the module to the public yet (still testing it), but I can send it to you if you want to see what we’ve done.

LOL. That works. I like the creativity…