Send to Location (?) bug in 3.2

There appears to be some sort of bug with sending pieces to locations in the current trunk.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the Quarriors (v03) module:!
  2. Choose some side other than observer.
  3. Press the Setup button.
  4. Press the P1 button to bring up the Player 1 window.
  5. Press the Draw+Roll button in the Player 1 window.

What happens in 3.1 is some tile showing up in the “Active” box. What happens in trunk@8137 is apparently nothing.

Would anyone like to troubleshoot this?

(Just as a side note, Quarriors is a REALLY WEIRD module. It does not reload well. The variables get really messed up and the buttons will either not work or modify another player’s statistics.)

In the module I’m working on for Space Empires I have not had any Send to Location problems. Mostly I send to by a counter name and not by a region, etc.

Will look into it further.

Can someone please confirm that the latest 3.2 build fixes the original problem?