Send to Location bug in Beta 2?

Hi all,

Curious if anyone else is seeing a bug with the Send to Location command using the Beta 2 release?

When it sends the card to the location it creates a ‘copy’. That is, I send 1 card to a location, but when I hover over the card at its new location, the mouse-over-viewer shows me 2 cards in a stack. I can’t select them both (it thinks there is only 1 there), but when I then use a right-click command on the card it doesn’t work until I do it twice.

I created a example mod to test this, but can’t get the error to happen…It does happen in my other mod, however. So, I’m not sure if maybe the problem is in my mod or if I’m just doing something stupid. This didn’t happen, however, when I was using 3.0.17. Or, at least I never noticed it.

I will try to get an example of this in a mod up and running, but if anyone wants to look at the mod where I’m seeing this they can grab it here (it’s quite the unwieldy monster, however):

Take a card from the dark draw pile with a I on it and drag it to the ‘Current Event’ deck below it. Then drag a card from the dark I deck to the player hand. In the hand, right-click on it and select ‘send to future deck’. This will trigger the card in the Current event deck to move up to the top of the main board. You can then hover over it and see there are two of them. You’ll also notice the right-click command to ‘add to civ’ doesn’t work the first time you click it, only the 2nd.

Please help!



Hey Dave,

I haven’t dug deep in it yet, trying to find everything.
When you execute command ‘send to future deck’ this executes CTRL SHFT F and
fires 1,2,ALT SHFT Minus
1 sets the Cube GP
2 Moves the cube
ALT SHFT Minus sets DP MainPlayed to true and sends card to Current Event

In addition to this we have key command applied piece ending movement on the
main map - ALT CTRL SHFT Enter

So this furthers the sequence by executing and firing ALT 1 & ALT 2 because
card is on the correct board to launch that main map trigger (ALT CTRL SHFT

ALT 1 should fire ALT E but fails because MainPlayed is not equal to false
per ALT SHFT Minus earlier
ALT 2 then sets MainPlayed to True

I think this may be where your problems are stemming from.
ALT 1 is failing (don’t know if it is suppose to) and you have 2 DP’s in the
proto called MainPlayed - could be a source of process confusion where one
of the DP’s might be true and the other is false - should only have one DP
called MainPlayed

Fix that area up and see if this changes anything


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Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, I cleaned up the definition and the problem still persists.

I can even remove the cards from the Main Board (by sending them to the past event deck or deleting them) then repeat the process and sometimes I see not only 2 copies of the card just sent to the main board, but also copies of the card that I just deleted!

I’m pretty sure that it’s me that is doing something wrong here, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

Anything you can find in your investigation would help a ton.



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