Send to Location - Grid Location on Selected Map issue

I have been trying to utilize the send to location with the Grid location on selected Map option.
So far the command appears to be disabled (grayed out on the game piece right click context menu).

I have attached a test module where I was trying various ways to get it to work.

It is probably user error but I have gone around in circles trying to get it to work and hopefully somebody out on the forum can point out what I am doing wrong.

Here is my system info:

Vassal Version: 3.2.15
Windows 7 Prof (service pack 1)
i7 cpu
6 GB ram
ATI Radeon HD 5670
java se version 8 update 25 (build 1.8.0_25-b18)

One quick note to add: when I create an at start stack I have no problem specifying the hex location and having the game piece show up. So the map and grid seem to be working fine it is just when I use the send to grid location that I have a problem.

If I use a different send to location “Location on selected Map” with the x,y pixels being specified that works fine (not as handy as the grid if I can get that going).

I think there is a bug/problem that should be reported. I ran into the exact same roadblock… I did a variety of testing and it appears the “Grid location on selected Map” does not work. All other options for the “Send to Location” trait work. I ended up getting the X and Y coordinates of the grid location and using the send to location.

I also want a pop up to enter the hex number to send it to on a hex map

but it is gray

I have run into a similar issue with the send to location - grid location function.

In my Module I have a 12x3 grid, and I want certain cards to goto certain locations on the grid. No matter what I do, I can’t send the cards to any of the first 9 locations in the grid. It only works on 1001, 1101, 1201, 1002, 1102, 1202, 1003, 1103, and 1203.

One thing I might try is reducing the pixel counts, as I was working with fairly high resolution images.

Also seeing this problem: VASSAL 3.2.16, OpenJDK Java 7 (on Linux).
Send to grid location fails when there is a leading 0 in the hex number.

Send to Location > Grid grid location on selected map

Try putting a $ in front of the hex number when there is a leading zero.
That is $0901 instead of just 0901

Works for me on VASSAL 3.2.17

Also see this thread when using a GKC to send a unit to a LocationName with a leading zero.

Joel Koepp help me figure out send to hex for my module.

Need a Dynamic property
Sent to location
Trigger action

Dynamic -
Name = Destination
MenuCommand: __ Key command: Enter hex Type: Prompt user Prompt: Enter hex number to move to

Send to Location -
Description: ___
Command Name: ____
Keyboard command: SendToHex
Send back command:___
send back keyboard: ___
Destination: Grid location on selected Map
Map: Main Map
Board: $CurrentBoard$ (or you can select a specific board)
Grid Location: 0$Destination$ (The leading zero is needed to work with hexes with a leading zero)

Trigger action -
Description: ___
Trigger when: ___
Menu command: Send to Hex
Keyboard command: CtrlH
Watch for these: ___
Perform these:

Put these in a game piece prototype definition and then add that as a prototype to the counters you want this to work with.