Send-to-Location / Moved property / Move Trails - BUG?

ISSUE: Send-to-Location trait does not seem to set the “Moved” property of a piece – “Moved” only seems to get set when the piece is manually dragged. This also means that the command to clear the Movement flag, even the auto-generated global one from the menu button, will fail to clear move trail history from a piece, when the only move history is that of a send-to-location.

(1) Piece is on the force pool window in its original at-start stack. (“Loc A”)
(2) Right click on it and use a menu command to Send-to-Location to its on-map entry location (“Loc B”)
(3) Click global “Clear All Movement” button on the menu bar
(4) Turn on movement trails for the piece
(5) Drag the piece to a new space (“Loc C”)

EXPECTED: A move trail from Loc B to Loc C, only.

ACTUAL: A move trail from Loc A to Loc B AND THEN from Loc B to Loc C (even though movement should have been cleared). This looks particularly wacky when Loc A was actually on another window and so the point of clearing movement was to get rid of trails that “come from outer space”.

Performing the same steps, except for at Step (2) manually dragging the piece to its start location results in correct behavior.

FURTHER RELATED REPRO EXAMPLE (related problem, weird interaction of send-to-loc w/ movement trails):
(1) Piece is on map at “Loc D”
(2) Turn on movement trails and optionally clear the piece’s Moved flag.
(3) Drag piece to “Loc E”, also on the map. Note movement trail from Loc D to Loc E.
(4) Use hotkey or right+click to send-to-location the piece to Loc F, also on the map.

EXPECTED: Movement trail from Loc D to Loc E AND THEN from Loc E to Loc F.

ACTUAL: Movement trail directly from Loc D to Loc F (as if the final movement point that used to be at Loc E has been “hijacked”). Further send-to-locations will continue to hijack this same final point.