Send to location: whats the trick?

This should be simple but no matter how I set up grid or token, When Command is used , it returns to the first square on the map.

Map has grid numbers example 7:9

Is this Location, or Region , or Zone ? I’ve tried them all

I would think that if I call for x = 7 and Y = 9 it would go to that location

Sounds like I have to use Pixel corrdinates every time.
That sounds way to hard when you have numbered grid and can just say center on A:7 . I know that grid numbers are good for easy labeling, but man , that would be so easy to just say got to location on grid.

Is there an easy way to find grid pixel x and y ?

Here’s how I always do it.

Suppose I have a window called DeadPool where I want to send units from the Main map. DeadPool has a grid.

First thing I do is to edit the DeadPool grid and make it visible. I can remove visibility later if I want.

Next I add a temporary at-start stack to DeadPool. I put one piece (of the type I want to send there) in the at-start stack. Once this is done, I can edit the at-start stack to reposition it in DeadPool. I drag and drop it to where I want it to go, hitting the “snap to grid” button if I like.

When I save the at-start stack, it will tell me the pixel coordinates. Edit your send-to command for those coordinates. Now delete the at-start stack.

But unfortunately, it is incredibly complex to turn a free-form grid reference back into a pixel location, so this is unlikely to be an option in the near future.

I edit the map in an the Gimp and find the pixel location that way.

I already have added a Feature request that all of the ‘visual’ editors (Grid, Stack placement etc.) display the grid co-ordinates as you move the cursor around. Will try and get around tuit for 3.2.


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That kinda what I ended up doing. I had my Paintshop pro loaded up and viewed the map image. The pixels show up in the lower left hand corner and I then used that info to get me close to the locations I needed. With the Grid and snap feature turned on they Snap into place.