Send to Location - Zones

It would be convenient if the Send to Location trait were able to target a zone explicitly.

Or have I missed a way to do this (other than ensuring unique LocationNames on the map, of course).

Unless something has changed, this has been available for a long, long time–“Zone on Selected Map” is a choice in the Destination dropdown in the StL trait config.

Thanks Joel, but this is for a GridLocation within that Zone (which may be duplicated on the same map outside of the zone).

I don’t recall a location option in Zone on Selected Map, but I will look again.

You have both a grid and a zone? Hmm… I’ve never done that. Like Joel said, I would just send something to a named zone (no grid on map) and it would place it on the center point of that zone. Zone names can be a variable, too. Not sure how that would work using both.

Well this sounds totally different than the initial inquiry, which the plain read to me sounded like something that already exists. Can you target a Zone in a StL…yes. If you are wanting a combination of Zone and GridLocation, I would not have arrived at that interpretation from the way it’s asked.

Having re-read my post I cannot but agree with you. Sorry; possibly a re-editing hazard, to which I am prone.