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If using “Another counter, selected by properties”, is there a way for pieces loaded into a deck by a named player, to have access to the player name and then be able to use the “send to location” to a startup stack counter, in the “named” player’s private hand.

Specifically if a player side is “B5 Centauri Ambassador”, then when this player loads his decks do the pieces gain a property with the value “B5 Centauri Ambassador”. If so what is the name of this property? Can this value then be used in the send to location in order to name both a new map, “B5 Centauri Ambassador Hand”, and/or a startup counter “B5 Centauri Ambassador Deck Draw Location”?

And then it would be possible to right click a deck and have a trigger sent to the first card in the deck, perhaps multiple times (draw 1,2,3,4…)?

Don Holt

Check the documentation for the Mask trait in the Reference Manual. Face-down cards will havea trait that names the owning player. However, until the cards are drawn from the deck, they’re not considered owned by anybody. Maybe you could use a Global Key Command to set a Dynamic Property to store the value of the global $PlayerSide$ property. I don’t remember whether you can specify the destination map via properties


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Probably most everyone knows how to do this, but thought I would add my solution to the discussion.

When having the same pieces drawn from a deck by different players the solution is to have built pieces with the following:

  1. a menu item trigger that fires a keystroke for each possible player side.

2)Then have separate triggers that filter the keystroke so that only one of the keystroke passes through. You have one trigger for each side, conditioned on
$playerSide=sideyoudefined. These triggers do not have a menu entry, catch one of the menu item triggers, and then trigger a keystroke that will execute a send to location, appropriate for the player side.

3)Each piece also has a send to location property for each of the player side. In my case, the send to locations are in private hands.

Is it worth posting a demo of this feature?

Even though it’s been several months, I wouldn’t mind seeing a demo of this. It’s been a while since I worked with Vassal and I’m all rusty again. I’m trying to implement a Send To Location that may be a bit complex and seeing the “filtered” keystrokes mentioned here and the way the Send To Location is defined based on PlayerSide would be helpful.