Sent to Player Hand

Is there a way to use Send To Location trait to send an object to “your hand”? Meaning, if I am player 1, I want to have a command to send the card to my player hand?

So if I am player 1, and there is 1 player hand assigned to player 1, when I click the command it would send the card to my hand.

I have community pool of cards all players can choose from, but I wanted to make it easy to send them to their hand when they select them.


There are ways to do it with just one Send to Location trait for the entire deck, but easiest way is to just have a send to location trait added for each player (with separate key commands). Choose the appropriate destination (location, or zone, etc), then select the appropriate player hand (and its board) as the map/board. You could place a GKC button atop each player hand window that draws a new card from the deck to that board (by sending the appropriate key for that player/board to the deck), or add the gkc’s to the deck itself, as a couple examples. Use the various help buttons tied to each part of vassal you’re working on btw - great quick reference. :slight_smile:

Ask if any questions on the above.

Thanks for the great reply. The community pool of cards is about 10 decks that each player needs to pull cards from, and they are able to look through the cards to choose them. So it’s not just one deck they are pulling random cards from. However, I am going to use your idea for the main deck though :slight_smile:.

Seems the only way is to add a right click menu that has each players hand as a send to location for each card in the deck. A global definition of course.

However, this question go along with my other question in the general discussion about knowing when a card has been moved to a player board. So I think the solution you provided over there might solve it all :slight_smile:

Well, from your other post, you said the board (or map) was Player 1’s Board. If the board is similarly named for the players, and player 1’s side for example is literally “Player 1”, then you could have just one ‘send to location’ with:

Map: $PlayerSide$'s Map
Board: $PlayerSide$'s Board

I think that’s allowed, if all your names line up (I think I might have 'em wrong), but you’d have to test it anyway. Otherwise I think you’d need to make one per player.

You could also add like a draw button to each player’s board… when they right-click it, it lists drawing from any of the ten decks, then you’d only need one send to location with destination being a counter selected by properties (Selected = true, would be the property in this case). Since the draw button is selected it would go to that button only.

Or the same idea but with a hidden piece (no image, no moving/selecting) on each player board with a marker inside for each player (like drawing = Player 1), then a GKC button to draw from their choice of decks, then the send to location would be based on properties again (drawing = $PlayerSide$) which would send it to that hidden piece.

Just some thoughts.